Saturday, August 18, 2012

lg sehari sebelum raya,

tergerak hati aku nk menulis, dari ptg td sebenarnya.after dpt duet raya dari abg aku.terpaksa bg awl, sbb tahun ni turn raya rumah wife dye.

aku rasa tersentuh sikit hari ni, sejak abang abang aku dah keje, di tambah pula akak aku keja, memang mak n ayah dpt banyak duet raya...kalau dulu, jangan 100, nak ada 50 ringgit dalam dompet pon xde. susah betul hidup kami. sekarag dah laen, tiap bulan goyang kaki duet masuk.

aku ingat lg, mungkin bagi korang simpan seringgit sehari tu xda apa apa, dulu lepas balik keja, ayah akan simpan seringgit.mak la jd akauntan.buat belanja beli barang dapur.ayah keje siang malam.untuk kami.maklumla, hidup aku sekeluarga kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang.

betul la kata pepatah, susah susah dahulu, senang senang kemudian. alhamdulilah, kami 5 beradik punya degree n master tersendiri.alhamdulilah.semua ni buat mak n ayah.

1.rodi - occupational therapist
2.adha- lecturer
3.raffar-pegawai penyelidik
4.liana-occupational therapist
5.aku-hopefully, a radiographer to be. amen

ada satu je aku harap, aku mohon ya Allah, beri aku kesempatan untuk melakukan sesuatu kebaikan kepada mereka.itu doa aku.itu jer yang aku harap

bukan aku menulis untuk mengharap simpati, bukan untuk mendabik dada bangga dengan kejayaan adik beradik aku.

aku cuma sekadar menulis. sekadar menulis di ruangan aku. itu sahaja.

Friday, July 27, 2012


today seventh ramadhan. Alhamdullah I able to fast today.

Alhamduliah I was given food to break my fast with family.

You know what?...

be an unemployed  really teach me to be more patience.

everyday, I hope will get an offer of interview in my field.

I keep praying for it to happen.

I believe Allah has planned for me.the best plan ever.

Keep waiting.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

don't ever turn back.keep moving because something is waiting for you in the future.
setiap kegembiraan kesedihan semuanya datang dari Allah.
He knows the best for you.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

i'm not in a good mood today. several things make me think like  ZzzzZz

1. i'm not invited to my frenz engagement of my good frenz. ok fine.sure i'll not go to her wedding. for sure. 
2. not clear with my objectives, hypothesis and final project.
3.i feel bad when one of my lecturer said " who know u will do master in the future, but i don't want to supervise u, rilex..i'm just kidding"...T___T...terasa gila ~..sabar jer lah
4. they don't understand what i had been through in this hospital. so many proposal had been prepared.but still produced the worst proposal for final project. 
5.told they everything. but still advised me to follow her decision.ultimately, they known me as the problem maker. 
6. i don't know what will happen to my project.
7. from now and onward, i will focus on my project only.ignore all the problems.
8. i just want to settle degree on this year.hopefully.amen.
9. so many things i want to do in this earth before i go to somewhere else.hopefully, i manage to do. 

aku tension gila hidup. you will see me smiling, aku tension gila.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i just received an email.clicked to view my result.and.i was really frustrated.yeah indeed.i am not hope to get dean list or whatsoever, but i hope to get better than this.

you know what?

if you really work hard to get something, but it was fated to get the other way.then you must believe this.Allah plans something for you in the future. 

working hard doesn't mean it'll guarantee you to get excellent just the matter of effort.

anyhow, Alhamdulilah.thanks Allah.

i pass all the papers with 'grey' color..


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

spend some time to know about syiria, it's not wasting your time.

indeed you'll get more benefits when trying to know what exactly happen to our family there

they are struggling to breath, to walk, to eat, to study.

if compared to us, there are a big difference. we able to shop, to eat to do everything as we wish.

 O Allah the Almighty, please make  my country peace forever and ever.Amen.

Don't do anything that could vanish our peaceful country. please.;-(

violence is everywhere.they live in fear.they saw many of kids, women are killed everyday.

feel sorry for them.
what can we do to help them? we have nothing. no money, no opportunity to get there to lend our hand.

the main thing we can do is du'a. Du's is our strength. pray for them.

may Allah take care of them.give them strength through the hard time in their life.

hope islam will remain in their heart forever. they have chance to "mati syahid". Allahuakbar.

-we are having fun here.but they are struggling to get their life.-


Saturday, February 4, 2012

selamat menyambut maulidur rasul

He'll wait for us at the day of judgement

my du'a, hope we will meet him there.

walk with him to the heaven.