Wednesday, February 15, 2012

spend some time to know about syiria, it's not wasting your time.

indeed you'll get more benefits when trying to know what exactly happen to our family there

they are struggling to breath, to walk, to eat, to study.

if compared to us, there are a big difference. we able to shop, to eat to do everything as we wish.

 O Allah the Almighty, please make  my country peace forever and ever.Amen.

Don't do anything that could vanish our peaceful country. please.;-(

violence is everywhere.they live in fear.they saw many of kids, women are killed everyday.

feel sorry for them.
what can we do to help them? we have nothing. no money, no opportunity to get there to lend our hand.

the main thing we can do is du'a. Du's is our strength. pray for them.

may Allah take care of them.give them strength through the hard time in their life.

hope islam will remain in their heart forever. they have chance to "mati syahid". Allahuakbar.

-we are having fun here.but they are struggling to get their life.-


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