Thursday, June 7, 2012

i'm not in a good mood today. several things make me think like  ZzzzZz

1. i'm not invited to my frenz engagement of my good frenz. ok fine.sure i'll not go to her wedding. for sure. 
2. not clear with my objectives, hypothesis and final project.
3.i feel bad when one of my lecturer said " who know u will do master in the future, but i don't want to supervise u, rilex..i'm just kidding"...T___T...terasa gila ~..sabar jer lah
4. they don't understand what i had been through in this hospital. so many proposal had been prepared.but still produced the worst proposal for final project. 
5.told they everything. but still advised me to follow her decision.ultimately, they known me as the problem maker. 
6. i don't know what will happen to my project.
7. from now and onward, i will focus on my project only.ignore all the problems.
8. i just want to settle degree on this year.hopefully.amen.
9. so many things i want to do in this earth before i go to somewhere else.hopefully, i manage to do. 

aku tension gila hidup. you will see me smiling, aku tension gila.

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